Stock Management

  • Stock receipt, Dedusting and arranging in Pallets in an organised manner.
  • The stocks are moved to the warehouse through lift.
  • Product wise, Batch wise Storage done with separators / Colour codification.
  • Weekly stock count done and record maintained.
  • Near Expiry / Quarantine / Sample.
  • Stocks stored separately.
  • FEFO strictly maintained.
Movement of Stocks

Lift of Moving Stock Between Floors.

Using Hydraulic Trolley to Lift Pallets / Stocks.

Inventory Management

Adequate Space Between Wall and Stock.

Keeping Rejected Goods Under Lock & Key.

Neat Stacking of Stock With Name Boards.

Housekeeping and GMP
  • Cleaning of warehouse, office and other areas twice daily.
  • Housekeeping & GMP are monitored / verified and recorded.
  • Rat trap / Glue pads checked daily and replaced whenever necessary.
  • Pesticide sprayed outside warehouse periodically and monitored.
  • insectecutor are installed to restrict pests.
  • Proper documentation is maintained.
  • CCTV is installed at the warehouse.
  • Temperature mapping is done yearly and records maintained.
  • Quality SOP and Commercial Compliance are strictly followed.
  • Regulatory and Statutory requirement are followed strictly.
  • Usage of Plastic pallets and stocks are stacked in a neat manner adhering to 7”ft height and ½ ft away from wall.
  • Orientation Training given to new recruits and Refresher Training given to all employees on a yearly basis.

Warehouse Management

Billing / Dispatching

  • All orders received along with payment invoiced on the same day.
  • Billing done on FEFO basis.
  • Non availability of stocks informed to concerned marketing and distribution department promptly.
  • Timely billing of pending orders whenever payment is available.
  • Dispatches done on the same day of billing.
  • Deliveries are strictly monitored till it reaches the customer.

Financial / Operations Efficiency

  • Timely deposition of cheques.
  • Collection details sent to HO on a daily basis.
  • RTGS details sent to HO on a daily basis.
  • Running Outstanding report on a weekly basis and matching unadjusted credits / debits.
  • Account statements are sent to distributors periodically.
  • Timely claim settlement.

Consumer Delight

  • Express service to customers irrespective of time / day.
  • Once an urgent order to cater to a patient was received and we ensured to deliver the stocks within one hour.
  • A few similar instances have happened on Sundays and eve of holidays as well.
  • All queries raised by sales team are attended and resolved within a short time.
  • We visit our stockist frequently and take feedbacks.
  • Customer Complaint Register maintained.

Adherence to Ethics & Compliance

  • High emphasis on Cold chain management with regards to storage and packing and strict SOP compliance on thawing of coolant gel packs.
  • Storage of Cold chain/ vaccine strictly as per SOP.
  • Handling / dispatching of Cold chain/ vaccine followed 100% as per SOP.
  • All preventive maintenance monitored and followed as per SOP.
  • Periodic training of staff to ensure smooth operations.
  • Quality and Commercial compliance are adhered to strictly.
  • 100% Regulatory and Statutory Compliance.
  • No Child labour.

Separation of Gel Packs / Coolants Date Wise to Ensure.

Cold Chain Packing of Vaccines
Cold Room.
Cold Chain Packing.
Cold Chain Packing.

Development / Innovation

  • Our expertise in handling cold chain products have resulted in other companies reaching out to us to handle cold chain hub activities/CFA operations.
  • SMS alerts are received in case of any temperature variations and action taken immediately.
  • There is zero excursions which is possible due to efficient and trained staff.
  • All signages are also interpreted in local language for the understanding of all the staff members.

Safety Posters in Local Language

Fulfilment of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Norms

  • First Aid equipments, gloves and footwear provided to staff towards preventive healthcare.
  • Organised waste management and disposal of waste paper, boxes, straps, etc...
  • Rejected / expired goods kept in a separate room and incinerated periodically in the presence of MSD officials in a Government approved Incineration Site.